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When I was younger, I didn't see enough creators with minority backgrounds represented in apparel or design when shopping through the aisles and browsing online. Years later as I grew older, I learned the shocking statistic that 70% of the design industry is Caucasian. The issue isn't that POC don’t have creative voices, the platform for them to speak just doesn’t exist… so I wanted to change that. 


Medallion works exclusively with artists & creators that are ethnic minorities to give their incredible artistic voices a stage. Each of our products should be worn proudly like a medallion, a tangible symbol of our minority artists' talents. And we believe all art should be financially compensated so not only do artists have the opportunity to speak but also the chance to sustain themselves, rightfully so.

Wearing Medallion Apparel means more than a piece of fabric - you're supporting what the future of creators should look like.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart!

xoxo, Lea (spunky Chinese-American gal who believes in the power of representation)

Medallion: a tangible symbol signifying approval or distinction